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Sunmount Consulting will develop Cultural Landscape Report for Fort Stanton

Sunmount Consulting is excited to announce that New Mexico Historic Sites Division and New Mexico Historic Preservation Division have selected us to conduct a Cultural Landscape Report of Fort Stanton.

We will be leading an interdisciplinary team of historians and architects that will research the history of Fort Stanton, survey its existing conditions, and develop a long-range plan to manage, maintain, and interpret the site.

Fort Stanton is one of the most unique and rich historic sites in New Mexico. Established as a U.S. Army fort in 1855 and later converted into the first federally run sanatorium in the United States, Fort Stanton is deeply interconnected with the history of military expansion and the development of healthcare in the United States. The site also offers the opportunity to contribute to our historical understanding of the Mescalero Apache, the Civil War, Buffalo Soldiers, tuberculosis treatment, women healthcare workers, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and World War II domestic internment.

Read more about the project here.


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