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Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe, New M


Oliver Horn, Ph.D. | Robynne Mellor, Ph.D.

Historical Consulting:
What We Do

Sunmount Consulting is a historical consulting company that helps clients conduct historical research, produce historical narratives, and apply history. We are highly trained, published historians and we support the work of public and private clients. We can assist you with the historical needs your company or project requires, from extensive archival research to document retrieval to the development of historical writing. We are based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and have experience working with state governments, businesses, non-profits, and private clients.

Jesse Nusbaum, Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1914-1916?, Courtesy Palace of the Governors Photo Archives (NMHM/DCA), 022612
Historic Preservation

We ease the process of figuring out if your property has historic value and take the stress out of getting it registered.


Tax Credits for Historic Properties

You could be entitled to tens of thousands of dollars in state income tax credits per year for repairs to your historic property. We'll help you figure out if you qualify and then navigate the application process.


Your company's past can propel it into the future. Let us help you discover and present it.

Litigation Support

A host of litigation support services to assist you through the entire legal process.



There are many funding opportunities  for your organization, program, or project. We can aid you in winning them.


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227 East Palace Avenue, Suite L

Santa Fe, NM 87501 

 (505) 372-7297

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